Advertisement dated Summer 1950.

My encyclopaedic knowledge of films (movies), derived from the nights in the balcony of the Holywood Cinema waiting for the change to be made, led to a position with BBC Junior Critic Circle:

The Junior Critics gig led to a life-long interest in writing.

I had four short stories broadcast on the BBC: “Pip and Tip”, “Patrick, Chaucer and BB”, “The Home Help” and my favourite, “The Mouse Prince” (1955).

I had five radio plays broadcast on the BBC: “The Fire Fairy”, “Spooks”, “We Three and Baby”, “More About We Three and Baby” (the sequel) and, my favourite, “The Little Spruce Tree” (1956).

I also have an unpublished novel, “Frolic”, set on the University of Toronto campus of the mid-1960s.